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Help to live at home

If you are still able to live at home but need help with personal or household tasks, this section provides information on a range of services to help you maintain your independence at home, including home care agencies, equipment suppliers, and home improvement agencies.

You may also be eligible for support from adult social care. Please visit our web pages for further information - Walsall Council Social Care


If you are struggling to cope with everyday tasks, did you know there are a variety of options you could consider?

If you find you are struggling to complete basic daily living tasks you can contact the Intial Intake Team for Adult Social Care on 0300 555 2922 or see the website link. The Intial Intake Team is made up of experienced social workers and Intial Referral Officers who will offer advice and information about the full range of social and community activities and not just those traditionally associated with social care. The team will arrange for an assessment of your needs to be undertaken or undertake a visit if the need is critical. The team will also discuss with you all the options available to help you and signpost you to other services if required. Little things could make a big difference, like finding out who will deliver a hot meal, joining a befriending service, having a community alarm or having a piece of equipment or adaptation to help you stay at home: or you may choose to live in supported housing or a care home.

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