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Case Study - Experience of Walsall Child Development Centre Services (Young Person’s Perspective)

Experience of Walsall Child Development Centre Services (Young Person’s Perspective)

I have been through services at Walsall Child Development Centre as a young child, Speech and Language Paediatricians, Children’s Physio and Children’s Occupational Therapy. I remember going to the Child Development Centre Nursery when I was little, I used to go the centre for my leg splints too. I remember thinking the Child Development Centre was fun, I got to meet other people like me with similar conditions. I think it was good for my parents to meet other parents of children with disabilities; it gave them the opportunity to talk to people who understood how they felt. They used to share tips on how they helped their child’s development and managing their condition. I remember thinking that the professionals were really friendly, professional and nothing was too much trouble. They would do anything for us.

My condition is cerebral palsy. I saw Speech and Language Therapy to help me develop my talking. Physiotherapists helped me helped me to learn how to stretch, keep my legs working properly and loosen any tightness in my muscles. Occupational Therapists helped me learn how to pick things up, developing my fine motor skills, independent living skills and ensure my schools were able to meet my needs.

When I was 14, I was referred to the Health Transition Team. They have helped me by giving me information about all the different services that are available. For example, services to help through difficult times in my life. If it wasn't for the team I wouldn't have had the courage to ask for help, or even use some of the services that they have recommended.  As well as this they provided good emotional support and excellent professionalism. They were able to get things sorted quickly and make sure my needs were taken care of.

I think everyone that I have met since childhood until now has made a massive difference and without this support, I don’t feel I would be the person that I am today. I think that my cerebral palsy might have decreased my quality of life if I didn’t have the support. I am very grateful.

I would recommend these services to others in a similar situation to me and my family.

Kiran (Aged 17).


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