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Education, Learning and Employment

Education and Learning Local Offer provides information on the provision available in mainstream and special schools, and includes details of independent or non-maintained special schools. It outlines information about local support services that are available to mainstream schools and other settings to support the progress and wellbeing of children and young people (for example, educational psychology).

This section also provides information about local arrangements for partnership working between schools to support children and young people with SEN, and arrangements for providing additional funding for children and young people with high levels of need.

All mainstream schools including academies and free schools support pupils with a wide range of SEND and are provided with resources to do so. They should all have a clear approach to identifying and responding to SEN. To view individual Walsall schools local offers please use the search area above.

Post-16 Education, Learning and Employment

A key part of moving from school to adult life is the availability of the right post-16 education, training and employment opportunities and knowing how to access them. Discussions about longer term goals and transitions should start early, ideally before Year 9 (age 13-14). They should focus on the children and young people’s strengths and capabilities and the outcomes they want to achieve.

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