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Bloxwich Research and Metal Detector Club

Metal detecting club.

Our club is one of the largest in the country, and one of the longest established as well. The club was founded in 1978, and we have now passed our thirtieth anniversary as a metal detecting society.

We work closely with the local museum authorities in recording and preserving our finds, and each monthly club meeting is attended by the Finds Liaison Officer for Staffordshire & West Midlands. All finds of interest are handed over for recording on the Portable Antiquities Scheme national database and are then available for viewing or research by anybody in the world.

Every time a find is recorded in this manner, one more piece is added to the jigsaw of history, and every record brings new data to the task of understanding and interpreting our local history. Every item that is removed from the soil is one more artefact from our national heritage that is rescued from destruction by mechanical ploughing, chemicals, construction or looting, and is made available for everybody to enjoy.

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Jim Wall
Daytime: 01543 276482
Evening: 01543 276482
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