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At Home (Assistive Technology and Equipment)

At Home – Introduction

There are a wide range of mobility aids and daily living aids to suit all budgets which are designed to make things such as bathing, housework, meal preparation, eating, drinking and getting out and about  that little bit easier. The more you look at what’s available, the more solutions you will find which can help you or someone you care for to live  a more independent, dignified and fulfilled life. Some of the assistive technology is readily available on the high street and is designed to look and feel good in any household.

Using community alarms and/or telecare technology can help people of any age and ability to live independently, safely and securely in their own home.  It can also give family and friends peace of mind that they can be contacted in an emergency.  Additionally, carers pagers can be purchased which alert live-in carers only when help is needed allowing them some respite from their caring role. This can be particularly helpful during the night when on site carers can sleep soundly with the assurance that the telecare pager will alert them when support is required, i.e. bed /door exit, epileptic seizure or fall,

The website includes useful case studies about the benefits of telecare and equipment

It has lots of links to useful information

There are links to websites and companies who sell equipment

For information about Telecare and Assistive Technology which may help you or support someone that you care for, please visit the At Home website.   At Home is a regional website put together by the West Midlands Councils.

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