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Change, Grow, Live - The Beacon

The Beacon is a borough-wide service to support the recovery of adults and young people who misuse drugs or alcohol. Our one-stop-shop enables people to make positive changes to their lives and supports families and carers affected by other people’s substance misuse.

What we do

At The Beacon we provide drug and alcohol recovery services from our main hub (67 Bradford Street) and also in many other places within Walsall. Our adult service works with people over the age of 18. We have a dedicated young person’s team for those aged from 10 to 18. We also support the friends, families and carers of those affected by substance related issues.

Our services include:

  • Support and treatment to manage, reduce and stop alcohol and drug misuse
  • Health care clinics at which our wellbeing nurses provide health care advice, screening and vaccinations for blood borne viruses, such as Hepatitis C. They also support people with many other health and wellbeing issues
  • Needle exchange to ensure safe equipment and provide advice for injecting drug users
  • Talking therapies which enable people to build and maintain their motivation, understand their use of drugs and alcohol, and make long-term changes for a healthier and safer life
  • Medically-assisted recovery including medical detoxification and alternative medication to reduce people’s use of some illegal drugs
  • Assessments and goal setting including a structured, holistic recovery plan that is regularly reviewed and addresses additional support needs around housing, employment and other areas
  • Advice, guidance and support including access to recovery coordinators and other key staff on a one-to-one basis and therapeutic and educational group sessions

Who to contact

Contact Name
The Beacon
01922 669840

Where to go

The Beacon
Bradford Street
West Midlands

Other Details

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