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Darlaston Neighbourhood Police Information Update

Message from Sgt Kate Tromans 

I am Police Sergeant 20378 Tromans, and I would like to introduce myself to the community of Darlaston as I took over as Police Sergeant for your area on the 14th January.

Since taking up my role I have endeavoured to provide more updates to the community via our Twitter page @DarlastonWMP, however, I am aware that not everyone uses this App.  

As we do not have a Facebook I would like to encourage you all to access Twitter for regular updates.  

I would like to address some of the concerns raised by the community since I have been in post.

1)    Violent Crime

As you are probably aware we have had two serious offences of violence in Darlaston in January.  I can assure you that these matters have been taken very seriously.  Arrests have been made in relation to both incidents and investigations are still on-going.  It is really important for the community to understand that, while we like to keep you as informed as much as possible, divulging too much information can compromise investigations and cases can be lost as a direct result.  For these reasons you will not always get all of the information you feel that you need.

These investigations are overseen by Force CID Investigation Teams at Bloxwich Police Station.  

As a neighbourhood team it is our role to try and prevent similar offences occurring in the future.  In view of this I have completed a number of school talks and have been engaging with local schools to educate the youth in the community on the dangers of knife crime. 

This work is on-going and further updates will be released in due course.  

2)    Dog Fighting – Kings Hill Park

We have in the past investigated this matter in conjunction with the RSPCA and can find no evidence of dog fighting taking place in the park.  

PC Probert spent 2 hours in the park last week speaking to members of the community who regularly use the area and reports that nobody has ever seen this taking place.  We have had one call to the police in 6 months regarding this matter and on that occasion nothing was witnessed. 

Further to this the image of the dog placed on posters in the area is an image taken from the internet of a dog subject to a rescue in India.

3)    Police Resources

We are your Neighbourhood Team but we are not your only resource. 

You are also supported by Force Response, Neighbourhood Task Force Team and Force Support Teams which can also be requested for when we have a particular issue that may require additional patrols/actions.

4)    None attendance at recent meeting

A request was made for an Officer to attend a recent meeting.   

The request was made on the Monday for a meeting on the Wednesday.  No commitments were made but we said that we would attend if possible.  

Due to the demand on my team and my resources that day we were not able to attend.  Given the notice provided to us we did not feel that our lack of attendance would result in the meeting being cancelled and that was not within our control.  

Moving forward any representation from the Police at these types of events will be made by a PSCO.  The reason for this is that I need my Officers who have the powers of arrest/stop and search etc. on the streets where their powers can be exercised. 

The PSCO’s on the team are more than capable to provide information to the public.  I am happy to discuss any concerns the community may have and will provide my contact details at the end of this message.

5)    Priorities

The priorities for the team are:

·         Violent Crime

·         Burglaries

·         Vehicle Crime

6)    Reporting

Please can I ask that any incidents of crime are reported in the correct way.   

For any emergencies should be report via 999.  Matters than need reporting where there is no imminent danger or risk should be report via 101.  

Posts on social media can be useful to alert other members of the community but they are not monitored by West Midlands Police.  We can only act on information that we are aware of.

7)    Streetwatch/Neighbourhood Watch

There has recently been some interest in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Group and/or a Streetwatch Team in the area. 

We are intending to hold a meeting in the coming weeks for interested parties and once a date has been confirmed it will be advertised out. 

8)    Your Team

You are supported by the following team:

PC 7390 Collins

PC 20058 Peters

PC 3668 Batth

PC 01916 Probert

PCSO 30559 Hinton

PCSO 30981 Riley

PCSO 30147 Diggett

They are a dedicated and hardworking team.

Finally, if you wish to contact me or the team our contact details as follows:    Tel: 101   Twitter: @DarlastonWMP

Thank you for your continued support.

From PS 20378 Tromans


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