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Home to School Transport

Free transport for children of statutory school age (including Reception and Year 11) attending mainstream schools. 
The authority plans school places across the borough in order to ensure that there are sufficient places in the local area. In Walsall, most families live within two miles of at least one primary school and within three miles of at least one secondary school.

Free transport is provided using taxis, coaches, minibuses and bus passes.
Parents can also use personal budget funding to cover their own mileage costs, should you wish to transport your eligible child yourself.

As a local authority, our transport policy statement is published on an annual basis and sets out the travel arrangements we make to support young people aged 16-19 and learners with learning difficulties and /or disabilities (LDD) aged up to 25, to access further education.

How can you access your services

When a parent receives a letter offering a school place for their child, the letter will include details of the arrangements for applications for transport assistance. Parents should complete a Transport Assistance Application Form and return it, together with any supporting evidence, to the Transport Coordinator in good time before the start of the new school year.

All application forms should be sent to:

Transport Coordinator
Walsall Children’s Services
The Civic Centre
Darwall Street

Who to contact

Contact Name
Walsall Council Home to School Transport Team
01922 653761

Where to go

The Civic Centre
Darwall Street

Local Offer


Eligibility Criteria

Children are normally entitled to free home-to-school transport if they live in Walsall and attend the nearest appropriate school and live beyond walking distance from the school at which they are on roll.

Walking distance is defined in legislation as 2 miles for children aged between 5 years and up to 8 years and 3 miles for children aged between 8 years and the end of the school year in which the child reaches 16 years of age.

Children aged 8 but under age 11 from low income families are entitled to free transport to their nearest suitable school if the distance from home is more than 2 miles (shortest walking route). Walsall’s policy is to apply the 2 miles limit to all primary year groups including Reception and Years 5 and 6.

Distances are measured from the midpoint of the home address to the midpoint of the school site using the shortest route that can be walked in reasonable safety from the child’s address to the nearest open gate to the school site using the Geographical Information System (GIS) used by the Transport Team.

Nationally-produced criteria are considered when assessing the suitability of a walking route. These criteria include an assumption that the child will be accompanied by an adult as necessary unless a disability prevents this. If a parent’s working arrangements make it difficult to accompany their child to school, the parent has a duty to make arrangements for another responsible person to do so.

Parents have a right of appeal against a decision not to offer free transport for their child. Parents wishing to do so should write to the Director of Children’s Services representative at the address below and provide full details and enclose any supporting evidence. Parents will be notified of the outcome of the appeal within 10 working days of receipt of the appeal. There is no further right of appeal unless there is a significant change in circumstances.

Contact Name
Transport Team
Contact Telephone
01922 653761
Needs Level
SEN Provision Type
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