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Children Dysphagia Service

We provide specialist assessments/interventions for children with a range of eating/drinking difficulties.

Your child might be referred to us if:

Your child is having eating/drinking difficulties and needs the   support of our specialist team.  It could be that they have difficulties with:

  • progression of feeding and drinking skills relating to their medical condition
  • physical development/global developmental delay affecting their feeding (i.e. biting, chewing and controlling food in their mouth).
  • feeding problems due to prematurity, or conditions such as heart conditions, gastrointestinal complications etc.
  • a long term condition resulting in a deterioration of feeding skills including swallowing.
  • severe sensory problems related to their medical condition   which is affecting feeding skills (e.g. related to tracheostomy, Nasogastric tube, PEG)

Or it may be that your child is not eating/drinking orally (by mouth) and has alternative feeding (e.g. Nasogastric tube or PEG).


Who to contact


Natalie Madden
Senior Specialist Speech and Language Therapist:
Tel: 01922 605400

Lynsey Evans
Senior Specialist Occupational Therapist
Tel: 01922 605820

Mikayla Profe-Fuchsloch
Paediatric Dietitian
Tel: 01922 656251


Local Offer

Contact Name
Child Development Centre
Contact Telephone
01922 605800
Needs Level
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