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Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service

Children’s Speech and Language Therapists in Walsall aim to maximise a child or young person’s communication skills and opportunities for social interaction and learning. We offer advice and support to children and young people up to the age of 19 who have a speech, language and communication need (SLCN). This may be a single area of need or related to other difficulties e.g. learning; hearing or Autism Spectrum. These might include difficulties in understanding spoken language; learning vocabulary; using sentences; speaking clearly or fluently; or knowing how to communicate appropriately.

Some children may need to learn to communicate using alternative systems e.g. Makaton; Picture Exchange Systems (PECS) or Objects of Reference.Advice, information and training is also offered to families, carers and other professionals.

The service also provides support to children and young people with feeding and swallowing difficulties as a result of a physical, developmental or neurological condition. Referrals to this service need to be made by an appropriate Doctor or Specialist Nurse.

If your child meets our service criteria he or she will be offered an assessment – this usually takes place in a local clinic. You are encouraged to attend this appointment where you can ask questions and the therapist or assistant therapist will explain their findings, give advice and suggest further support options if required.

On-going support may be in the form of 1-1 sessions in clinic; support in-school, nursery or Children’s Centres; access to an appropriate group, advice and training to other professionals and parents.

Training for parents and professionals is an important part of our work so that everyone involved with your child understands the best ways to help him or her to learn to communicate.

The service is delivered from clinics; Children’s Centres and other Early Years Settings; Child Development Centre; and Schools (including Special Schools and Additionally Resourced Provisions).

The service for children with feeding difficulties is delivered in client’s homes; early years and educational settings or through in-patient care at the hospital. The location is determined by the needs of the individual child and their family.

Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) must have a professional qualification in Speech and Language Therapy and be registered members of the Health Professions Council. Assistant Speech and Language Therapists also work within the team. They have additional training in the field of SLCN and work under supervision from a qualified SLT.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Linda Bromwich
Contact Position
Head of Speech and Language Therapy
01922 605400 (option 3)

Where to go

Blakenall Village Centre
Thames Road

Other Details


Age Ranges
0-19 years
Referral required
Referral Details

Referrals will be accepted for any child or young person with a speech, language or communication need including:

  • Vocabulary development
  • Talking in sentences
  • Pronunciation
  • Dysfluency (i.e. stammering)
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Early communication skills (e.g. turntaking; using gesture)
  • Social Communication

Referrals for feeding and swallowing difficulties will be accepted if they are due to a difficulty associated with a developmental; neurological; physical or medical condition.

Referral to the service for children with SLCN can be made by anyone (including parents) as long as consent has been obtained.

Referrals to the feeding and swallowing service are only accepted if they are signed by a relevant Doctor or Specialist Nurse.

Local Offer

Contact Name
Linda Bromwich
Contact Telephone
01922 605400
Contact Email
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