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Paediatric Physiotherapy Service

The Children’s Physiotherapy Service in Walsall are a team of qualified physiotherapists who are state registered (members of HCPC) as well as specially trained technical instructors with knowledge and experience in child development, anatomy and implementation AND progression of physiotherapy programmes. We work in partnership with families to offer advice and support for children and young people up to the age of 19 (for those attending special school). We help with problems in gross motor development this includes advice on how to achieve rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking and moving between positions e.g. lying to sitting, sitting to standing. We offer exercises to help children with balance difficulties and problems with posture or walking. Our aim is to minimise physical disabilities and maximise physical abilities and independence.

If your child meets our service criteria your child will be offered an initial assessment usually at a clinic where you will be able to discuss your concerns about your child’s development. Following the assessment you will usually receive a physical management programme (PMP) which will include your child’s next steps as agreed with you at the assessment. The PMP may be in picture form or in writing. You will also receive a copy of the letter indicating our findings and recommendations that we send to the referring agency.  If further support from the service is required follow up appointments may take place at home, school or clinic depending upon the needs and priority for your child. On-going support may be in the form of 1-1 sessions or in a group.

We provide individualised activities through either a Physical Management Programme or a Postural Management Plan to target each child’s needs and teach parents and carers how to safely carryout the activities that are included in these Physiotherapy programmes. On-going support for children attending school will depend upon the needs of the child and can vary from an annual review to termly reviews as required. Blocks of weekly physiotherapy appointments for 6 weeks are offered for children who have had orthopaedic surgery or following botox injections or for an identified need. As part of the assessment we consider whether your child would benefit from specialist equipment or orthotics (devices used outside of the body that provide support). You will be involved in any decisions regarding provision of either equipment or orthotics.

Eligibility criteria Children and young people aged 0-18 (19 for young people in special education) who have difficulties in any of the following areas:

  • Delay in acquiring gross motor skills e.g. sitting, standing, and walking. This may be due to a neurological condition (e.g. Cerebral palsy), chromosome abnormality (e.g. Down’s Syndrome) or due to developmental delay (no specific cause)
  • Skills that are not progressing or that have deteriorated due to an underlying condition that may need postural support e.g. degenerative conditions, Muscular dystrophies/ atrophies
  • Neurological disorder which is significantly affecting gross motor development, balance and posture due to stiffness in muscles (high muscle tone) or floppy muscles (low muscle tone).
  • Acquired disorders which have resulted in reduced gross motor skills or problems with muscle tone e.g. RTA, meningitis, Tumours
  • Toe walkers with ankle tightness
  • Walking and balance problems.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Rebecca Logan and Uta Wilkinson
01922 605810

Where to go

Paediatric Physiotherapy Department
Walsall Child Development Centre
Coalheath Lane

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Friday 08.00 - 16.30

Other Details


Age Ranges
0-19 years
Referral required
Referral Details

To access the Walsall paediatric physiotherapy service we accept referrals from the following :

  • GP or other doctor involved with the child
  • Team Around the Child (TAC) professionals via TAC panel
  • Local physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapy service, speech and language therapy service or children’s podiatry service
  • Health visitors (who have completed the referral training offered by the service)
  • Parents of children on the self-referral pathway (children previously known to the service and discharged to self-referral)
  • Out of area Physiotherapy Services where the child is moving in to the Walsall area.

Local Offer



Contact Name
Rebecca Logan or Uta Wilkinson
Contact Telephone
01922 605810
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