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Accessing Independent Specialist Provider

Process for applicants (16-25) considering Independent Specialist Provider

The transition from school to college is an important step for every young person and the Local Authority (LA) is aware of the importance of making sure that young people are able to access courses and provision to meet their needs and help prepare them for adult life. Walsall Local Authority believes that the starting point in transition planning for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities must always focus on robust efforts to identify local resources to meet needs.

Outcomes for the vast majority of young people, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), will be met most effectively when they are able to maintain their connections with their families, their friends and their communities. Rigorous assessment must inform a clear definition of each young person’s needs. Resources can then be effectively identified to ensure good outcomes and the process will always focus on how local providers will enable Walsall young people to achieve these outcomes. Out of borough provision can only be considered when local options have been exhausted. It is imperative that there is a strong commitment to ensuring that young people in Walsall are able to access appropriate and high quality local provision

Strategic planning will be undertaken to seek to ensure the best outcomes in adult life for all learners with SEND in keeping with the Statutory Guidance contained in the new SEND Code of Practice (July 2014) The LA will work directly with the young person and his/her family/carers to jointly plan and agree a post school placement in a person centred way with the intention of maximising the most effective outcomes in adult life.


Who to contact

Contact Name
The SEN Assesment Team
01922 652871
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Education Development Centre
Pelsall Lane

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Further information on the Independent Specialist Provider Placement Procedure and the process for applicants (16-25 years) considering Independent Specialist Provider can be sources through the 'Related links section' to the right of this page.

Contact Name
The SEN Assesment Team
Contact Telephone
01922 652871
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