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shahjalal jami masjid

Established in 1985, Shah Jalal Jami Masjid was a old and neglected factory. The elders of our community realised the importance of having a large Masjid capable of providing the much needed space to the growing Muslim Community of Walsall.

Their main concern was the upcoming younger generation. Now being born in the uk and growing up within a non muslim environment. The future of the light of Islam was dim to them. Thus it was necessary to provide a place where the growing youngsters could learn and practice the religion of their fore fathers.

Many elders of the community who are unfortunately not with us today, struggled to get funds together to purchase a old factory building. Once purchased the factory was in need of a major clean out and extensive renovation work to make it habitable and worthy of congregational prayers.

Eventually in the Summer of 1985 the first Salaah was offered in the Masjid. Evening classes were started and also various extra activities.

Since that summer till this day Shah Jalal Masjid has been serving the community and has played a active role in preaching Islam to all.

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shahjalal jami masjid
01922 647624

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shahjalal jami masjid
Mount Street
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